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SPIRE MicroAtx Panther 420W Usb 2.0

SPIRE MicroAtx Panther 420W Usb 2.0

Introducing the new arrival Micro ATX chassis, Panther. This cool and contemporary Micro ATX case is black and bold and packed with all the quality features you're looking for in a Micro ATX chassis. The exterior design whispers elegance and style, with all hidden front dual USB and Audio ports.Not only the outside is loaded with nice features, the engineers at Spire have thourougly thought out the structure and ease of assembly while building this enclosure. Full mainboard tray with large surface area that give pc builder the room they need to assemble smaller cases like Micro ATX. Top and front re-enforced drive bay rack for secure mounting of DVD-rom and Hard Disc Drives. Thermally advanced with the support of 3 fan unit mount locations and pre-installed with a Silent 80mm rear exhaust fan.Ventilated side panel including cpu duct and space to mount the 3rd optional dc fan of 120mm. Loaded with style, quality and performance the Panther is the selection for professional PC users and System Integrators alike.

SPIRE MicroAtx Panther 420W Usb 2.0
SPIRE MicroAtx Panther 420W Usb 2.0

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